Ask IH: Awkward conversation about asking existing clients for referrals vs offering a ...

The account is extremely pleased with your app.Do you straight up tell them "Hey glad you like it, do you want to recommend us to others in exchange for a commission ?"Seems sort of like devaluing their own purchase.We ended up not mentioning affiliates/discount for that reaso...

BlueLobster 3 days ago on Indie Hackers

[Show IH]: TheSaaS X – A Landing Page Builder for Startups on Top of WordPress 5

Hey,Since the alpha release of WordPress 5, I was thinking about releasing a theme based on the new visual page editor of WordPress (Gutenberg). I already had the designed blocks for my Bootstrap 4 template and thought it's worth to spend some time with Gutenberg.It took more ...

hosshams 2 days ago on Indie Hackers

The Best 24 Chrome Extensions for Salespeople in 2019

"What's the easiest way to increase sales?"🙄A lot of Founders ask me this question.My answer:"Try to make your salespeople more productive. Help them avoid monkey job, so they can focus on sales."🤓And apart of advanced solutions such as CRM, Sales Automation Machines and so on...

Azovtsev_Il 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

The day when you finally open your signup is pretty cool

Hi there,Last 4 months were pretty intensive. Working on product core for long hours, fixing critical issues, preparing legal stuff (why is it so hard?). But now is fun, because today we open signup for ! :)We've announced our beta stage a few months ago...

Bitsky 2 days ago on Indie Hackers

How do you use/grow your company Twitter account?

Hi everyone,I was just wondering how many of you use your side project/companies Twitter account separately from your personal one? Do you use it as a customer support tool, share industry news, etc?Also, how do you go about growing the following on these or is it not a big co...

ryangilbert 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

Finishing listening all the podcast here

Indie hackers is an awesome site I gain a lot of knowledge of running own online business. The podcasts are also helpful, I listen it when I was driving long trip, and about to finish all the 78 episodes.

markznyc about 11 hours ago on Indie Hackers

The 80 Most Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes INFOGRAPHIC

There were a few here that I would have missed

SUPERViLLAiN 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

Thoughts on India's SaaS Market?

Hi everyone!Has anyone had any experience marketing and selling B2B SaaS in India?I've heard marketers say that it's a difficult market and users are unwilling to pay for most SaaS. I'd love to hear from someone who has users in India or lives there though.Thanks!

thiagoko 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

The Shortest Bootstrapping Guide on IH Ever (no BS)

The Shortest Bootstrapping Guide on IH Ever (no BS)Or how we are doing it (as an apparel company).Keep your day jobDevelop and produce the first production batch with savings. The quantity of the inventory will be determined by your savings / per unit production cost.BONUS POI...

JulianSamarjiev 2 days ago on Indie Hackers

I offer my time help or build a profitable service

Hey!My name is Jay and I do have some free time in the next months which I would like to spend to help/build an interesting project/product/service.I do have some projects in my mind but I am also open for new ideas.About me: I have studied Computer Science & Economics, so...

jjbelt 3 days ago on Indie Hackers

StackCommerce Promotion Experience?

Hi guys! Have anybody did any deals with StackCommerce, If so, how did it go?

vasslobodian 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

What is your favorite email marketing tool?

The template builder and editor in Mailchimp is driving me insane. Looking for an alternative. Any suggestions for something more user friendly when making templates and campaigns?

mmaccou about 3 hours ago on Indie Hackers

The Rule of One in Product Launches

READING TIME: 90 seconds“What's the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be EASIER... or UNNECESSARY?” - Gary Keller, The ONE Thing=====A couple weeks ago I finished a long email campaign for a client - a personal trainer launching a workout and diet...

saadmrb about 2 hours ago on Indie Hackers

Azartiz Blog App Update

Here are the highlights:Much of the work was on the blog editor app. I initially used an older version that I'd done some configuration on a long time ago so I spent some time looking into updating that and adding some new features.The "Tiny" rich text editing platform has bee...

oblib 2 days ago on Indie Hackers

is this a simple and elegant way of letting your community form the future of my product?

i came up with the idea to ask our community to vote for the next feature that gets shipped.The only UI Vagabundo has is a Telegram chat session. So i thought why not send my users a simple poll and let them vote what i should ship is a video of the poll...

lucasfischer about 12 hours ago on Indie Hackers

Don't lose prospective users because of browser "Not Secure" warnings

I've seen a number of links on this site and thought I would point out a free option for those who maybe don't know how easy this can be. Granted SSL might not be top of mind for MVP but it can be a super easy second step and the "Not Secure" notifications in Chrome can send p...

jpusateri 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

EXPERIENCE: Market your company visually to convert clients!

Hey guys just wanted to share some insights,I own the digital agency called GRADEXI and I have worked with many clients before helping them to create visual content for their marketing campaigns, designing websites for conversions etc. I have put together few best practices to...

Gradexi 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

Best websties to create cover letters for software developers?

I am trying to write a good cover letter. Is there any website that helps writing good cover letters for software developers?

IHkishan 3 days ago on Indie Hackers

[Cheatsheet] - How to get your first customers faster with testimonials...

Hi all,I put together this free 5min cheatsheet to show you how to get your first customers and grow faster by using social proof, even if you're hopeless at marketing.It's a super-slimmed down version of the handbook I'm writing for marketing teams on how to use social proof....

louisswiss about 23 hours ago on Indie Hackers

Ask IH: How would you use venture capital?

This is a hypothical, but I'm just curious about how businesses use venture capital.Let's assume you have a bootstrapped saas business making $10k a month, with a team of two and modest server costs. You've been offered $500k venture capital on good terms to grow the business....

BenJackson 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

Benefits of an Effective Presentation

Face to Face Interaction: A presentation enables to meet your customers and prospects. Face to face interactions strengthens the relation and bond with the customers.Engagement: Presentation is the easiest way to engage with the audience. Attractive slides, astonishing layouts...

slidebazaar 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

Are you interested to be a distributor for SlickAccount?

We are looking for distributors for our online accounting software. We offer good margin. If you are interested kindly share your contact number.

SlickAccount 3 days ago on Indie Hackers

Library to Copy paste images from clipboard across browsers and devices ?

I need to allow users to copy paste screen shots directly in text area. Is there any library that does this across all browsers and devices.Before wasting time on development, I wanted to get IH feedback.

acgt623 2 days ago on Indie Hackers

Visual Storytelling, a game changer for your Business

Visual narrative is a very novel concept in the arena of business. A visual account which is regularly known as visual narrating is a method for describing stories essentially using visual media. The story might be told through a progression of still photography, video or outl...

slidebazaar 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

How do you track sales & implement a process in a service-based business?

We're trying to establish a repeatable process within our service based organization by using a CRM and codifying the steps our sales & customer success reps take. We've looked at a bunch of different CRM packages and it seems like most are designed for either sales or cu...

akor 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

How an Effective Presentation Can Benefit your Business?

In recent years technology has made tremendous advancements. These advancements have reshaped the organisations by creating their business functions integrated and streamlined. Beyond the standard office computers and smart devices, organisations are now implementing new softw...

slidebazaar 1 day ago on Indie Hackers

Question for Copy Gurus: The Less Copy the Better?

I'm writing a welcome email to those that sign up for I tend to be pretty lengthy in my posts, emails, etc. I'm working on getting to the point faster. About two paragraphs in I thought, "Maybe the more information/product motivation/"why" I include gives more oppor...

mmaccou about 3 hours ago on Indie Hackers