About the project

I have been trying to answer more questions on sites like Indie Hackers about starting a business. While I do not believe starting a business is for everyone, I do wholeheartedly believe more people should be doing it.

Like many others, I enjoy answering questions in the startup/bootstrapped/indie space, but due to commitments with my family and business, there are many days/weeks/months where I do not engage.

At one point I was reading this post on Indie Hackers: Indie Hacker Etiquette: No Post Left Behind and the idea of Indie Triage was born.

Indie Triage monitors a couple (or well, hopes to) community sites in the Bootstrapper/Indie space and watches to for questions which go unanswered. It then does a couple of helpful things:

  • It will email people daily with a list of questions which still need to be answered
  • Every once in a while it will tweet a link to a question which is unanswered
  • It will provide a web-accessible link to see questions which need answers.

Both #1 and #3 are sorted randomly to try so that questions asked at specific times are not overly waited. After approximately 48 hours, questions with no answers are removed (Sorry).

Please note, this site is in no way associated with any of the sites whose content it monitors. Only publicly accessible information is included.

About Me

This app was built by me, Scott Watermasysk.